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Operations management platform for real-time posit
Release Date:[2010/12/25]   Counter:[647]
     Immediate action is a location management platform is the combination of GPS (Global Positioning System) and GSM / GPRS (Global System for Mobile Communications) and GIS (geographic credit system) developed by the real-time location management platform for action, to the location positioning, real-time transmission of return high-tech products. Keep track of not only the location of the object you care about, and can send SMS text messages or GPRS mode and displayed the location map on the platform. Is for security, operations management platform to send up to 5 targets to manage.

This application software can be run directly on the Android or WinMobile mobile phone, so it has the convenience of operation, can be queried at any time, while all the location information is transmitted in the mobile phone is not a traditional industry to be transmitted in the background of the server, so there is no privacy, the vent the problem, all the walking path lies in ourselves.

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